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Shooting A Junxing Recurve Bow: A Beginner's First Impressions

Shooting A Junxing Recurve Bow: A Beginner's First Impressions

It's easy to learn how to shoot a recurve bow, but not all bows are equal. One of the best bows I've ever used is the Junxing Chinese bow. After I tested this bow out, it quickly became my go-to bow for shooting arrows.

The term “beginner's first impressions” are probably an oxymoron, but I'll do my best to give a fair assessment based on my own lapses in archery knowledge and my experience with other clubs.For an entry-level bow, this is a good choice.


What to Expect When Shooting a Junxing Recurve Bow for the First Time?

If it's your first time shooting a Junxing Recurve Bow, you might be wondering what to expect.
To help get you started, here are some tips on how to shoot a Junxing Recurve Bow:

1. Make sure the bow is strung correctly

2. Set up your anchor point

3. Shoot in a controlled manner

4. Practice regularly


Junxing M120 Recurve Bow Overview

The Junxing M120 is a top-quality recurve bow that is suitable for hunting and target shooting. The bow has a draw weight of 120 pounds and a draw length of 29 inches. It is made from laminated wood, which makes it lightweight and easy to handle. The bow has an arrow rest with two bushings, one on each side of the riser. It also has two string nocks for attaching the string to the arrow.

This bow comes with accessories such as an arrow rest, bowstring, bow stringer and an instruction manual which explains how to use the equipment properly.Please click here for more information!

Junxing M120 Recurve Bow is one of the best recurve bows on the market. It's a great bow for both beginners and professionals alike, as it can be adjusted to fit any size or age. It's made out of a high-quality wood that is light but strong, making it easy to use for long periods of time without getting tired. The bow has a draw weight of 20 lbs., which makes it suitable for all ages and skill levels.

The Junxing M120 Recurve Bow comes with an adjustable sight, stabilizer, finger tab and two arrows. This is a great package for those just getting into archery, as well as those who want to start practicing at home with their friends or family members.


Junxing M120 Recurve Bow Features/Benefits

Junxing M120 Recurve Bow is a complete beginner's bow that comes with everything you need to start shooting your first arrows. It's made from quality materials and has a lot of great features that make it easy to use, durable and reliable. You can't go wrong with this bow if you're looking for something affordable that will last you a long time.

Junxing Recurve Bow is made of high quality bamboo and carbon. It has the advantages of durable, light weight, flexible, shockproof and fast. The bow has 25-60lb draw weight and comes with a D-loop for attaching a string.

Junxing Recurve Bow is designed for both beginners and experienced archers. It is easy to use, very fun and safe to shoot! It can be used for target practice at home as well as hunting in the wild.


-Able to shoot at high speeds

-Lightweight design makes it easier to handle than other bows in this price range

-Sturdy construction ensures that it will last for years without any problems


My first impressions of this junxing recurve bow are very positive

My first impressions of this junxing recurve bow are very positive. It's a beautiful, well-made bow that's easy to shoot. The limbs are well made, and they have a nice finish. The riser is very smooth, and it has no sharp edges or corners.

The grip is made of a very fine material that feels good in your hand. The string is fastened with a brass nut and screw, which makes it easier to tune than the standard wooden ones you see on some other bows. You can also choose between right and left handed models when ordering, which is great because many people prefer one over the other and would like their own custom fit.

Shooting A Junxing Recurve Bow: A Beginner's First Impressions

The arrows included with this bow are not very good quality but they'll do in a pinch until you get better ones made for you by someone else who knows what they're doing (or if you know how to make them yourself). The arrow rest doesn't hold your arrows properly, so I would recommend upgrading it as soon as possible if you want to get serious about archery!If you want to learn more about Junxing recurve bow, be sure to check here!




Shooting A Junxing Recurve Bow: A Beginner's First Impressions
Shooting A Junxing Recurve Bow: A Beginner's First Impressions
Shooting A Junxing Recurve Bow: A Beginner's First Impressions

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