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Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow-The MOST POWERFUL Hunting Bow on Amazon

Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow-The MOST POWERFUL Hunting Bow on Amazon

Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow is powerful and easy to use, made of high quality aluminum alloy and sturdy horns, with a comfortable handle. It's lightweight and compact with an adjustable draw length, suitable for both right-hand and left-hand shooters. It has NO bow presser required. The powerful archery crossbow is equipped with scope with red dot sight and arrows(2pcs). To learn more about Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow, you can click here.


Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow is a compound bow that can be used for hunting and target shooting. This is an entry-level bow, but it comes with many advanced features.

The Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow has a draw weight of 60lbs., and the draw length is adjustable from 24" to 30". The bow has a maximum speed of 330 fps. The riser is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which allows for optimal strength and light weight.

The limbs are made from fiberglass/carbon composite material, which ensures durability and strength. The limbs have an adjustable draw stop feature that allows you to control the length of your shots. This feature helps prevent injuries by helping you avoid over-drawing your arrows.

The grip has a cork finish for maximum comfort and control during use. The handle includes an ambidextrous palm shelf for improved grip when shooting from either side of the bow.

Bow Specification

1.Bow Weight:3.7 bls

2.Arrow Speed:300 fps(IBO)

3.Brace Height:6.5-7.5 inch

4.Draw weight:55LBS/65LBS/75LBS/85LBS/95LBS

5.Draw length:26-32 inch

6.Axle to axle length:31inch

7.Let off 75% or 80% for option


Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow Advantages:

1. Anti-scratch, anti-corrosion and resistant to all climates, specifically designed for the harsh hunting conditions.

2. Special cams and a balanced bow system to reduce vibration.

3. Made of 7075 aluminum with a carbon fiber limb and a speed of 330 feet per second, it is one of the fastest bows in its class.

4. Lightweight, compact design with available draw weights of 40, 50 and 60 pounds (70 pound maximum) along with adjustable draw lengths ranging from 25 inches to 31 inches. 

5. Top notch craftsmanship ensures that your bow will last for many years to come.

What is the Max Draw Length?

The maximum draw length of a compound bow is the maximum distance from the bowstring where an archer can comfortably place their finger on the string.

The maximum draw length is determined by several factors, including the physical size and strength of the archer as well as their shooting style and technique.

If you're unsure of your draw length, contact your local pro shop for assistance or take a visit to your doctor for a medical assessment.


The Accessories

The accessories of Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow include the following: 

1.The sight: The sight is used to assist in aiming the target and firing the arrow precisely. It can be adjusted to different distances so that you can shoot at long range targets.  To learn more, click here!

2.The quiver: The quiver is used to carry arrows or bolts on your body when you are out hunting or shooting. You can carry a lot of arrows or bolts in your quiver for better use during hunting or shooting activities. 

3.The stabilizer: The stabilizer helps stabilize the bow by reducing vibration when firing an arrow.

4. Arrows: The arrows for Junxing M183 are made of carbon fiber material and can be easily disassembled with the wrench provided. It is recommended to purchase a set of arrows with the bow because they can be used for many years and they will not break easily.

5. Bowstring: The bowstring of Junxing M183 is made of Kevlar fiber material which makes it durable and strong enough to withstand long time use. The bowstring is easy to install on the bow and you only need to attach it onto the upper limb.

How to String a Compound Bow

A compound bow is a modern hunting weapon that uses the strength of the archer to fire arrows with enough force to kill any game animal. Compound bows are made up of three parts: the riser, limbs and cams. The riser connects the limbs to make one long piece, while cams are plastic or metal pieces that slide along each limb to provide leverage for drawing the bowstring back.

Step 1 Place your foot on the front of your bow's handle, with one hand on each side of it.

Step 2 Grab one end of your bowstring in each hand and pull them tight together.

Step 3 Slip one end of your bowstring into its groove on top of your riser until it's fully seated inside this groove.

Step 4 Pull on both ends of your bowstring while you hold them tightly together with both hands. This will cause the other end to slip out of its groove and lock into place by itself once you've pulled it tight enough against a cam (a plastic or metal piece).


The Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow is an excellent value for the money. It can easily be used for hunting or target practice. The bow is made with quality materials, and it has a great price point. If you want to know more, please click here.

The draw weight of this compound bow is 185 pounds, which means it’s easy to pull back, but also powerful enough to deliver a good shot. The draw length is adjustable from 20 inches to 30 inches, so it can accommodate most people who are interested in buying it.

The bow comes with a quick-lock limb system that makes it easy to attach and detach the limbs from the riser. This helps keep maintenance simple because there’s no need to remove all of the hardware when you want to clean your bow or replace parts.

The Junxing M183 Hunting Compound Bow has a reasonable price tag compared to many other bows in its class. It features high quality materials and construction that make it more durable than other entry level bows on the market today.





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