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Introduction to Recurve Bows-JUNXING F158 Recurve Bow

Introduction to Recurve Bows-JUNXING F158 Recurve Bow

The JUN XING F158 recurve bow is a big-fat-long range for your backyard target shooting or backcountry hunting. This hunting bow uses the patented DFC full hard-core arrow rest that stays stable and will work with most compound bows. It's appropriate for both men and women. The bow length can be adjusted from 27" to 31". The limbs and cams are made from aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight and high performing. This hunting bow suits archers of all levels. The bow is supported by a reliable metal limb pocket and brilliant riser design without a system tower. The frame of this recurve bow can be assembled quickly and easily set up to shoot instantly the arrow. For an entry-level bow, this is a good choice.

 Introduction to Recurve Bows-JUN XING F158 Recurve Bow

Recurve bows are one of the oldest types of bows that you can use for hunting and target shooting. Recurve bows were first introduced in Asia more than 2,000 years ago and have been used ever since then by hunters who want to take down large game like deer, antelope, boar and other animals.

Recurve bows are known for their high accuracy and power. They can shoot arrows at a much faster speed than compound bows and they are also very easy to use. Recurves are typically shorter than compound bows but they are still powerful enough to take down big game animals with ease.

The best recurve bow on the market today is the JUN XING F158 Recurve Bow. This bow is perfect for beginners because it has an adjustable draw weight range from 20 lbs all the way up to 60 lbs! That means that this bow will be able to fit anyone who wants to use it no matter how strong or weak their arms may be at this time in their life!

The Junxing F158 has an adjustable draw length range of 23" all the way up to 30" so no matter what size person you are or how tall you happen to be, this bow should be able to accommodate. Learn more about Junxing F158 Recurve Bow at https://www.octrafficsafety.org/

The best recurve bows: JUN XING F158 Recurve Bow

The Junxing F158 Recurve Bow is one of the best recurve bows on the market. It's a high-quality bow that can be used by most archers and it is worth every penny.

This model has been designed to meet all your needs, from hunting to target shooting. It's an amazing product that you can use for many years without any problem.

The bow is made from carbon fiber, which makes it extremely lightweight but also very durable and sturdy. This material allows for easier storage and transportation because you don't need special equipment to carry it around. Be sure to check out the Junxing F158 Recurve Bow.

You will also find two separate limbs on this model: one for the upper limb and one for the lower limb. Each of them has an arrow rest, which makes them easy to use even if you're not used to shooting with a recurve bow.

JUN XING F158 Recurve Bow features and specifications

JunXing F158 Recurve Bow is a traditional bow. It is made of good-quality wood and durable fiberglass. The bow has an amazing design and appearance, which makes it look like a professional recurve bow. The bow is great for practicing and enjoying archery. It is easy to use and has an affordable price.

JunXing F158 Recurve Bow is made of high-quality wood and durable fiberglass, which makes it durable and long-lasting. This bow can be used for many years without any problems. The draw weight of this bow is around 50#-60#, while the draw length varies from 19"-23". The overall length of this recurve bow is 62" (157 cm).

What is a JUN XING F158 Recurve Bow?

The JUN XING F158 Recurve Bow is a compound bow that is great for hunting, target shooting, and recreational use. It is lightweight with a single-cam design and it comes in a variety of colors to suit your personality.

The F158 is made of durable fiberglass material and it has been designed with an adjustable draw length from 25 to 30 inches. The draw length can be adjusted easily by moving the cam wheels on each end of the bow. This allows you to set the draw length based on your size, strength, and preference.

The F158 also has an adjustable draw weight range from 50 pounds all the way up to 70 pounds which makes it suitable for beginners as well as experienced archers who want more power behind their shots. You can adjust the draw weight by simply loosening one bolt on each side of the riser and sliding it up or down depending on your needs at that time.

The F158 comes with a 3-pin sight system, which means there are three different sight settings that you can choose from depending on how far away your target is located or how much light is available at that time. This helps ensure that your arrows are accurate every time they are released from their bow

FAQS about the Junxing F158 Recurve Bow

1. How much draw weight does the F158 have?
The Junxing F158 has a draw weight of 25-30 pounds.

2. What is the draw length of this bow?
The draw length on this bow is between 24" and 30". The shorter ends of this range are for youth bows, while the taller ends are for adult bows.

3. Does this bow come with accessories? If so, what are they?
Yes, it does! This bow comes with an arrow rest, quiver, armguard, and sight pin. The arrow rest is installed on the bow already, so don't worry about having to install it yourself!

Junxing F158 Recurve Bow


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